Monday, April 25, 2011


I have my first appointment with Noreen on Wednesday and I need help coming up with a list of questions I should ask her.

On the top of my mind are the following:
1) Issues with my uterus- how we can deal with a possible slow to start labour, and what I can do ahead of time to prepare

2)What could have caused the spotting I had on the weekend.

3)If she would be willing to go over my hospital records with me and help me to make sense of them and help me to recreate a timeline of what actually happened.

Any other suggestions about what I should bring to the Q&A would be great.

In other news, I had quite a fright this morning when an ER doc from the hospital called to tell me my swab came back positive. Of course I panicked, and he went on to tell me I tested 'inconclusive' for yeast. So I may or may not have an asymptomatic yeast infection. Ridiculous.


  1. would prenatal yoga help at all?

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  3. Vyky, I had bleeding at 9 weeks with each of my pregnancies. The doctors always said it was due to the shape of my uterus and how the baby had implanted. With each I had healthy pregnancies (except DS was premature, but that wasn't due to the bleeding).

    Hope you're able to get the yeast infection cleared up! As far as the slow start to labour, I think if you are able to conquer that one mentally you should be fine - stay out of the hospital as long as possible and just know this is the way your body works and it's doing it job at the rate it does it best {{hug}}