Friday, April 22, 2011

What a terrible day

I had some brown spotting today. I knew I probably didn't have anything to worry about, but of course me being me, I flew into panic mode, left work at 3:00 and headed to the emergency room.

The ER was deserted when we got there, so I assumed we'd be able to get to the bottom of things pretty quickly. I got moved to the gyne corridor right away and a phlebotomist came right in to do my blood draws.

And then we waited. For three hours, completely forgotten about. I walked into the corridor in my little gown and bare feet and got a bit shitty with a nurse.

Lo and behold, 5 minutes later my bloodwork magically appeared and the doctor shuffled in with a speculum and a portable ultrasound unit. My betas and progesterone were both good, cervix closed and we saw baby- heart beating away.

I'm not sure why they didn't do the ultrasound initially. It would have eased my fears immensely and brought my blood pressure down a little. At triage, it had spiked to 30/40 points above baseline for me. (130/85, whereas I'm normally around 90/55). I'm pretty irked that I had to ASK for the results and that no one seemed to give two shits about me, but this is my experience with hospitals and doctors. (After my miscarriage, I had a radiologist tell me that it was "god's way")

At least I can sleep well knowing that everything is okay.

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  1. Scary stuff! I am so glad everything is okay though. The last time I was at the ER for things I was treated like an alien I hated it and never want to go back.