Friday, April 15, 2011

Ultrasound Follow-Up

I just got home from visiting my G.P. who ordered my scan. Apparently that tech wasn't the greatest at her job. I suspected such. The radiologist who checked the measurements afterwards said baby measured 6 weeks, 6 days (I was 7 weeks by LMP on that day), which clears up all the WTF-ery I had going on in my head. It just wasn't possible to be six weeks.

The report says everything is normal, heartbeat still on target for that gestational age. The only anomaly noted was my uterus, but baby didn't implant in the septum, so I'm not worried about it. 

BUT one thing came up in my visit, that I thought was rather significant and I'm wondering why nobody told me this: Apparently, having a bicornuate uterus can make your contractions less coordinated and weaker, which would totally explain my slow moving labour.  You would think at some point that would have come up either DURING my labour or afterwards. I had a c-section- my uterus was at one point outside of my body, and nobody seemed to notice that little anomaly?

So glad to have a midwife this time around.

On the topic of which, I had the WORST dream last night. I was at my initial visit, and filling out a bunch of intake forms, and she looked them over, and told all the other girls "Congratulations, welcome to my practice:, and then she turned to me and said "I'm sorry Vyky. but you just have too many risk factors, I'm afraid I have to transfer your care". Worst. Worst ever.  That doesn't happen in real life, right?

I feel good. All of the things that had been eating at me have been all cleared up. 


  1. That doesn't happen in real life. Noreen is a radical midwife at heart & she has your back. So do I!!

  2. That won't happen in real life! You'll go over your risk factors, surely, and then you'll be reassured that YOU GOT 'DIS. Awful dream though.

  3. I was going to mention that fact about a septate uterus - mine is also and my ctx took a long time to get predictable and 'strong'. But I still managed to get 2/3 children out using them ;) You will be a-MA-zing!

    Positioning is also a big deal with the septate uterus, try to get a good position before 28 weeks, is what I was told, that way baby will be head down before they get 'stuck' because of the septum.

    I've got a whole lot of septum tidbits I can tell you. PM me if you want :) <3

  4. Amazing!

    How is it that until now, nobody thought to mention this to me?!?! Friggin' medical system, heads crammed so far up their asses. As far as I know, Lyra was head down from about 30 Ish weeks, I had a scan at 29 and she was transverse, but in the position like a frank breech, folded in half. At my next doctors visit (according to my prenatal records), she was vertex.

    But knowing this now, I'll make sure to pay more attention to it, and perhaps make extra super god friends with my awesome chiropractor and find myself a good acupuncturist as well.

    Thanks so much for the tips, Jessica! I'll definitely keep that in mind!

  5. I'm glad to hear that everything is finally clearing up for you and going your way, and that you are finally getting answers!! :)

  6. That sounds like a really, REALLY awful dream! I hope you're feeling better about it. Yay for having a rad midwife!!